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NBA Boxscore - A Node.js project for a more informative, live boxscore of NBA games. Statistics pulled from stats.nba.com. Makes use of D3.js visualizations for statistic breakdowns. Currently in development.

What's the Dealio Yo - A Django site that compiles news articles on the world's biggest stories. Tracks trends and major events as world events unfold. Displays Chart.js charts for daily, weekly, and monthly article counts. Development has currently stalled.

Corp Catering Site - A Django site designed to take customer orders for catered events in the Georgetown University community. The customer area of the site includes a catalogue of catered offerings, customized cart and checkout features as well as an account management system for customers. The site also has a content management system for Corp Catering employees to more easily interact with the MySQL database. The CMS is designed to track orders, communicate with customers and manage inventory and finances.

Corp IT Ticket Manager - A section of The Students of Georgetown Inc's employee site written in PHP for employees to report IT issues. The form includes dynamic questions based on the coffee / grocery storefront concerned and technology involved (cash register, wifi, employee website bugs, etc). All of this information is saved in a MySQL database. The system then sends an email to all IT employees who can use the admin section to reply with updates and eventually mark the problem as resolved.

dCide - An iPhone app created with a group of four friends comprising inBenchon Ltd. dCide is designed to help groups make decisions about where to go, what do to, and how to get there. Users can enter a list of options for what to do as well as choose from local restaurants, museums, shopping spots and nightlife locations pulled from the Yelp API. Once the options are set, a random choice is made by the app, or the iPhone can be passed around for a vote, or, for privacy, users can connect via Bluetooth to make a decision.